Deep Eddy

Deep Eddy is a central Austin neighborhood that is always popular with the locals, but is sometimes overshadowed by its northernly located big sister, Tarrytown. The neighborhood has seen growing interest over the years as it is in the same school district as Tarrytown. Locals usually identify this area by the popular Deep Eddy pool that overlooks Lake Austin and shows movies that play on a large screen while you float in the pool during the summer. The homes are what you would associate with Austin—wide diversity with styles ranging from single-family bungalows to a more grand style of homes to the courtyard apartments and condos. It’s just one of those neighborhoods you walk around and say “THIS is Austin!”

There are a few quirky charms you may notice while walking around the Deep Eddy area. Sometimes it feels like you just stepped back in 1800s Texas as there are quite a few homes with barns and out houses on. Homeowners usually use these structures as garages, storage or a place to store their canoes as the neighborhood is so close to Lake Austin.